Hailing from Montreal, Canada, Mattia Pironti is already leaving his mark on the entertainment and music industry. His talent was first recognized in Israel, where he was a contestant on the hit TV show “The Voice of Israel". All four judges turned around during Mattia's live audition. He amassed a loyal following in Israel that has continued to support his musical career even after his departure from “The Voice." 


Mattia returned home to Canada to volunteer with at-risk youth in the north of Quebec. During his time in Nunavik, Mattia continued to share his musical talent by participating in many local music festivals, including the Arctic Char Festival and the Akpik Jam Festival. He also delivered a series of children’s music workshops while up north.


Upon returning home to Montreal, Mattia received his acceptance letter, with scholarship,  from the prestigious Berklee College of Music; he then left for Boston.. Choosing to obtain a bachelor's degree in songwriting, Mattia threw himself into his studies, writing a new song every week and learning to produce and arrange his own songs. He graduated in 2015, having completed his 4-year program in just half that time.


Mattia then decided to leave Boston and travel to Italy to perfect his live act. There, he performed in historical cities such as Florence and Rome, drawing crowds of up to 300 people. He spent over six months performing in restaurants, clubs, and on the streets. He credits his powerful onstage presence to the months he spent abroad. His audience in Italy have remained fans ever since! 


During his time at Berklee, Mattia recorded and collaborated on several album projects with his colleagues-turned-friends. His first single, “Get Away”, was released in 2017. It was later picked up by Montreal's biggest English radio station, The Beat 92.5. He then released a 2nd single: “Broken Hearted” that received more than 121K streams on Spotify and made it to many Spotify playlists. Mattia signed a management deal with Montreal-based Productions UP in 2020 alongside a publishing deal with New York publisher Adesso, directed by Eric Beall and Mark Gartenberg.


Mattia had new opportunities booked for performing live and touring in Canada and Europe, with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, he finally decided to isolate himself at his country house in Canada, to focus on his music and production skills. He also used that time to develop relationships with several producers and authors, such as songwriter Troy Samson and producer team Le Future. Last winter, Mattia released his latest single, “How You Want to Be Loved” with Sony Canada Music, and it received 81K views on YouTube in only a couple of weeks! 


Mattia is now in the process of finishing his upcoming EP. He has just returned from a development trip to Europe, organized by Productions UP in collaboration with their international development agent, Paul Farberman. With a showcase in London and Paris, the trip allowed Mattia to build very promising new relationships.